Meet Matt

Matt Ciociolo

License# 01829478


I attended college at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. I graduated with honors acquiring a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with a double concentration in Finance and Marketing. My education has been instrumental in the success I’ve had in the real estate industry. I am active and up to date with all current affairs regarding the U.S. housing market, rapidly changing government policy and the U.S. stock and bond markets. I watch the markets, along with international markets daily, and keep current with all major issues concerning our country’s economic health. There is a direct correlation with how stock markets move and what the current government policy is that affects how home values rise/fall. Staying current with how they interact with one another is essential for a Realtor to provide a full perspective on how to proceed when buying and/or selling a home. I’ve been able to give my clients valuable advice based on my understanding in the fundamentals of this economy. The marketing degree has allowed me to think outside the box in every part of real estate. I have come up with many innovative ways to list and sell a client’s home. I have also built this website with the goal of having something beautiful and professional that features client’s listings to prospective buyers in the market. Over the past several years I have built a successful real estate portfolio by purchasing “fixers” in and around Los Angeles, renovating them, and then renting them out as income generating properties.  I have learned how to leverage the equity you have built after renovations in order to purchase more properties that bring in additional income.  Throughout this entire process I have learned a large amount of information about all of the working parts to a home and what to look out for.  I like to bring that added value to my clients/friends/family for any questions they might have on what may be wrong with their home and what the most cost effective way would be to remedy the situation.



As a young man I quickly learned the importance of helping one another, especially the less fortunate. I was a member of the Kiwanis Club in Boston which is a nation-wide volunteer group. I was an active member in the inner-city community through programs like ‘America Reads’ where we taught less privileged kids how to read, as well as ‘Tennis for Tenacity’ which gave young teens the incentive to complete their homework in exchange for tennis lessons from pros in the area. I was also able to re-build an after school program in the inner-city by developing a theatre program, acting/theatre being one of my hobbies. This group allowed the kids, who previously were unable to express themselves, to have a secure, fun environment to let go of the judgment and ridicule from neighborhood gangs and let their ideas and emotions run freely. These moments in my life have made me very receptive to the wants and needs of my clients through verbal and physical reactions.

I was given the opportunity from a Resident Director at my school to become a Resident Assistant (RA). I was privileged to be someone that my residents looked up to as a ‘big brother’. I helped them in their transition, being new freshmen, in balancing their school and social life. I witnessed too many students in my freshman year succumb to peer pressure and thus end their short lived college experience. This was my first taste in helping to guide individuals in a professional setting. I soon joined the student government (Resident Student Association) where I was able to take part in real change from the top down. I learned how to get legislation passed at the college level and found out how to gain support for certain changes. This is where I was now able to make an important impact at my school. I was part of the “Smoking Policy Task Force” where I sat on an 8 person resident/faculty panel. I learned the importance of gaining the support of both sides of an issue (smokers and non smokers alike) through polls and questionnaires. We were able to draft policies to ban smoking in most residence halls through the support of both sides, which I believe is an important step to stopping the effects of second hand smoke.

After two years of being an active leader in and outside of the University, I was nominated by my peers for a full scholarship for the remaining three years of school. Along with five others, I was honored and humbled by the award that I had received and vowed to pay the community back even more. I was able to get involved in many other great programs including a trip with the other scholarship students to Guanahuato, Mexico where we brought donated funds, supplies and clothes to a small orphanage. We also built a soccer field, constructed goal posts and handed out new uniforms for all the kids. Although I only speak a little bit of Spanish, the interactions I had with many of the kids were among the most memorable experiences of my life. Through my volunteer work I discovered the most fulfilling feeling inside which has led me to search for other ways I can make a positive impact on people’s lives.

While in school, I worked at Morgan Stanley and Manulife Financial. I found the potential career path to be very impersonal and based solely on numbers. I needed a career that had more interaction with people, and in a position to truly help the client with all aspects of their life decisions. This is when I first stumbled upon Real Estate looking for places to live in California when I first moved out here in 2006 after graduating from college. I began working at Remax and I found that it opened up the career path I had been looking for: A business and industry where I could work and live, immerse myself and learn, help and give to people in a time when they need a trusted advisor. I said to myself, “If I am going to dedicate myself to real estate, there is only one place for me to work” and Remax became my permanent home. I believe I am one of the most genuine, hardworking agents in Los Angeles and love showing the people I am working for how valuable I am and how much I am always looking out for their best interests. With my knowledge in sales, ability to negotiate, along with my background in finance/marketing I would love and appreciate the opportunity to allow me to represent you in the buying or selling of your home.